To Opensource and Beyond.

To Opensource and Beyond.

Opensource projects to chime in on.

It is yet another October, or better yet, another period and timeframe set aside for opensource contribution.

We have had an incredible year here at TheGreenCodes, and with all this , we still come back at some of the projects that might spark interest and might give in to some learning along the way. We mention a few whose source code is out for the naked eye to peruse, learn from and contribute to (Find a bug? Make a pull).

TheAssessMe Project


Built as a quiz application, The AssessMe Project has two kinds of users; a teacher and a student. The instructor, in our case, the teacher, creates multiple-choice questions form where the students enrolled in a certain topic can give their answers and have the results right on. No, wait times anymore! The instructor then gets the results in a CSV file neatly formatted together with the average score. I'm sure we can work more off of this. Keep an eye on the project. There's more to come here.

So what seems to be the issue? Simple. We intend to split the settings into those for production and development. That's about it!

We , as well, want to show a timer on our student portal. How else would users know the time left on the quiz?



Created as a Django SSR, FeedCreator is a blog application serving to publish blog articles of any kind, with tags, RSS feed , comments and article filtering. A great entry point for Django eyy? We all know that tutorial all so well.

Here, however, we aim to improve upon and build it together. To work through the changes we deem fit for an application of its like.

We currently have two issues attached to the project.

  1. Make the landing page responsive
  2. Create an admin page for the blog owner to write articles from



ColorDetect repo

We know this one all too well by now. So we shall just give an overview of the tasks at hand.

  1. We want to not only get the colors present in a video , but also get the colours present at a specific time cap in the file parsed (Sneaky one here).
  2. We also still need tests ! Have I mentioned it? Tests. Any test really. Find a feature you think has not been tested well enough or could be done better and make a task of that.

Tickle that curiosity of yours and see what you come up with as you work through the issues or walk through the code you find. Ask any questions you may in the project pages and share what you discover. The community , you and I included , are online.