Keeping it green.

Keeping it green.

Hurrah and a wonderful time to be back from where we left off! What a break it is we've taken. Having taken the time to plug and play - to recharge and reconnect with those around us. Well worth it! I hope the same has applied to you too! To the subscriptions that have been knocking at the doorstep, yes, you can open your mail more frequently now.

Looking back, we've had quite a ride. From the getting started as a junior guide, where we talked about what possible projects we could possibly do to keep the concepts locked in, to the 'not so ugly terminal after all'. The possibilities to the miniature tools could be endless if scaled correctly.

So what about this year here at The GreenCodes?

Well, we intend to up our game a little. Scale it and see just how far we can get. Along the way, sure hope we can build tools, helpful tools, contribute to more opensource projects (pssst ... the ColorDetect package has really come along since we talked about it) and interact more around our mental health and well-being as developers, which I know is a cornerstone for us all. Where would we be without our health?

During this daunting journey, at the core, we hope to grow, not only in our ability to code efficiently but also in our BDD, the behavioural driven development. Relax for once and remember the ugly code review you are about to write was written by a fellow human being. So be kind and help grow. Be strict only where necessary. Oops! I pushed to master without tests! My bad!

From scripts (who doesn't love automation?) to applications, from A to C or K to M, let's have it. Planting a seed of patience and working through the challenges. Our every once in a while code challenge or shared project. Looking at Django or the everlasting javascript, or is it typescript? , or even back to the root of it all mother of algorithms. Oh, hey David! Glad you're on Linux now. Cannot wait for our collaborations this year!

All in all. One thing certainly stands out. We'll have an exciting ride keeping it green.