The era of the builder

The era of the builder

Where code and developer collide.

I start this piece at the big bang of it all; TheGreenCodes and all it entails.

This here goes out to all those who have reached out or are yet to, with regards to articles shared, both new and old.

To you, the reader that you are and builder that keeps at it.

I took a moment, a beat, to reflect on why I got started. The reason as to why the wheels turned to this particular alley, consequently bringing with it an array of an audience.


This here outlines an engineer's path to a targetted mastery. A nudge towards paths, journeys and challenges he encounters on his quest; a story by all means.

For the frequents, 'welcome back ' and to the visitors 'we are glad you made it'.

Over the last three years or so, I have journeyed with engineers across the board towards writing pages, useful to both us and those around us. It has been a tremendous journey, down to its hours of reading and research to beckon what I thought best for the audience at the time. Three years in, and here we are.

Series that have sparked conversation or passionate debates and those once-in-a-while articles that open up doors to collaboration and open source contribution. Hurrah!

A heads up to all those unexpecting eyes and ears, and in the words of those before me:

I refuse to be nothing but a full-time blogger.

As I take the time to pass this along, I open up the box of what is to come through this next phase; the builder's era.

With this, comes a voyage through which I shall not only share the nuggets of my findings but build around those same principles and guidelines.

For the start of this, however, I share with you Project Urbanlibrary to lead you into the world of content aggregation.

Along the way, I share routines and practices that have helped and still help to keep me sane in both mind and body. Keep healthy at all times and make time for your wellness, lest you are forced to make time for your illness - balanced, as all things should be.

Note to a future self and anyone else reading this:

Good work isn't created in a vacuum and the experience of art is a two-way street; incomplete without feedback. - Kleon Austin

I keep it short. I keep it sweet. Just like Thanksgiving.

So who are we? We are TheGreenCodes and at its heart, is a drive to build and talk about what we have built and continue to build. I urge both you and the friend you share this with, to join us and discover a place that could be.


Marvin Kweyu